Tatkal Train Ticket Cancellation Rules and more to know about

Tatkal Train Ticket Cancellation Rules and more to know about

Regular Railway travelers and others could have easily done with their Tatkal tickets as it opens at 10:00 am for AC Classes and for non-AC classes at 11:00 am, a day in advance of actual date of journey. Few might have a easy process to book Tatkal tickets and others find it tough.

Tickets under the Tatkal quota
can be booked at railway counters. Tatkal tickets can also be booked online through IRCTC, which provides an e-ticket booking facility for the Indian Railways. A maximum of only four passengers per PNR can be booked for Tatkal tickets.

Tatkal Ticket Refund/Cancellation Rules :-

No refund is granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. However, a full refund of fare and Tatkal charges on tickets booked under the Tatkal scheme is granted in specific circumstances, according to the Railways:-

1) If the train is delayed by more than three hours at the journey originating point of the passenger and not the boarding point if the passenger’s journey originating point and boarding point are different.

2) If the train is to run on a diverted route and passenger is not willing to travel

3) If the train is to run on diverted route and boarding station……Read More


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