Facebook ‘DownVote’ Button to scissor Inappropriate..

Facebook ‘DownVote’ Button to scissor Inappropriate..

Facebook is testing Reactions buttons to let users to downvote to the inappropriate and unsuitable comments. Latest development will be available to limited to few users that means only 5% of
Android users that too in US who’ve set English as their primary language.

Downvote button will come up with a new community where users can censor commetns which helps Facebook to come up with best options to their users. Facebook will check that the comments on a post are offensive, off topic and misleading are set to be major options in Downvote button. Facebook wants to fight back against misleading information feeds  and fake news.

Reactions aren’t allowed the users to flag any objectionable content but only give their view on the news all the way. FB has earlier quoted on dislike button to a media channel as “We are not testing….Read more

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