Best Camera Phone: The Mobiles With Best Cameras at Every Budget

Best Camera Phone: The Mobiles With Best Cameras at Every Budget

Planning on buying a new phone and you want to get the best camera possible for your budget? You’ve come to the right place as we look at phones ranging from a budget of under Rs. 10,000, all the way up to the most expensive flagships on the market, to identify the best camera phones for everyone. The best part is that by now, even in the sub-Rs. 10,000 range (the busiest part of the market in India) there are now some pretty reasonable options, although it is true that camera quality continues to improve drastically as you move up in budget.

To make this list, we decided to stick to phones released after the start of 2017 – this should help avoid any phones with outdated specifications, that might have been fine at the time of launch, but aren’t going to cut it anymore. We restricted our list to the very best cameraphones that we’ve reviewed, and here are the top picks for the best camera phones at each price point.

Best camera phone under Rs. 10,000

At under Rs. 10,000, there aren’t too many options at hand, but it’s not as bad as it used to be earlier either – you can definitely find some phones that take good photos even at this price. That said, low light performance is a stumbling block at this price.

Phone Camera Rating Overall Rating
Yu Yureka Black 7 8
Lenovo K8 Plus 7 8
Moto G5 7 7

1. Yu Yureka Black
A good value-for-money phone with solid battery life, the camera one this handset is pretty good for the price, though low light performance could be better. The Yu Yureka Black (Review) also has a somewhat disappointing display, but if camera is your top priority, it’s not a bad choice.

2. Lenovo K8 Plus
A good all-round that just barely fits into the budget, the Lenovo K8 Plus (Review) stands out for its battery life, but otherwise, it’s also packing one of the best cameras in the sub-Rs. 10,000 segment. There are shortcomings, and although it has a dual-camera setup, HDR adds a weird tinge, and depth mode causes it to lag a little, but it’s still one of the best picks at this price.

3. Moto G5
The Moto G5 (Review) is a solid option under Rs. 10,000, and stock Android is always welcome. The camera does pretty well, and as an added bonus, there’s free image backups via Google Photos for two years. The one downside of this handset is its average battery life, but if your top priority is the camera and you are on a tight budget, the Moto G5 is the one for you.

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